Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love Relationship Enlightenment

I am taking a wonderful online course with Joanna Powell Colbert called Gaian Soul Seasonal Practices and I am profoundly touch by what I am learning about myself. When I read the Tarot for clients I often explore with them issues around love life but seldom explore this issue for myself in a serious manner. Today Joanna asked me if I ever "experienced a love relationship as a series of deaths and rebirths?" The question opened a door for me as I am sure it has for others enrolled in this wonderful program.

In a few short words Joanna made me realize the question the Tarot had been answering through the readings for my clients was about beginning and ending/death and rebirth in love relationship. When I thought about my own love relationship in this manner my head started spinning so I reached for my Tarot deck and pulled a card: Temperance which depicts the mixing of disparate element like death and rebirth.

Then I realized, Temperance is also related to the astrological sign of Sagittarius which is on my 5th house of luck ruled by Jupiter which just happens to be in my 5th house. So to put it all in a nut shell all of the ups and downs of my love relationship have been the results of the mixing of elements of death and rebirth so the relationship can grow and evolve over time as we all do.

The result of the question asked by Joanna about beginnings and endings - death and rebirth - and my own amazement at the Temperance cards connection to my astrological chart added a new dynamic dimension to my Tarot by Freya reading capability that has me very excited. Thank you Joanna, your Gaian Soul Course is truly enlightening and has again blessed me with the knowledge of how to use the Tarot in yet another way. I also thank the Temperance card for awakening my path to enlightenment in my own love relationship!

If you would like to investigate the site of Joanne Powell Colbert's Gaian Tarot  go to  It is an cornucopia of opportunities to discover and explore ones inner-self!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moving on in your relationship

Do you want to know the Path of your relationship?

I just recently experienced a really great reading. The question was what is the status of my Love Life? We watched expectantly as the cards unfolded. In this instance a long standing decision was clarified for her. She knew it to be true as the cards were explained.
Her hesitation lay in her inability to trust. The cards stated that a leap was needed (The Fool Card). This new found information has strengthened her resolve to move forward and strengthened her ability to trust.
Again Tarot helps clarify or bring forth what the seeker already knew. She just needs to move on it!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What Is Tarot?

Humankind has always sought answers to their questions ... quite often through various divination systems. More than answers, they have sought to bring wisdom and understanding into their lives.

The Tarot is just such a tool of divination that has been around for millennia. It is a system of 78 cards - 22 Major Arcana, 16 Court cards and 40 pips, that makes use of universal symbols and archetypes to help us explain where we are, how we got there - and the choices and opportunities that are currently around us.

The Tarot is not written in stone ... it is an active energy that describes the conscious and subconscious forces at work around us. It is a powerful tool for personal transformation and introspection. As every novices Taroists knows, the origins of Tarot are hotly debated. We do know that the Tarot was visible in Italy in the thirteenth century as a card game.

We also know that wealthy patrons were in the habit of commissioning Tarot decks to depict their family (a good example being the Visconti-Sforza, one of the earliest and most complete decks). In the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries occult scholars began to add depth of meaning to the already mysterious archetypal images in the cards by attempting to correlate the Tarot with alchemy, the Kabala, Hermetic philosophy and the Egyptian mysteries.

Their scholarly work continues to influence us to this day. Tarot today is reflective of many different cultural influences. We see decks reflecting such diverse backgrounds as Celtic, Faerie and Goddess lore, mythology, Herbal decks, Dragon decks ... if you have a personal interest it more than likely has a deck representing it! Tarot works in many ways. It can be used for spiritual guidance, as a tool for better understanding and insight in making decisions, as a tool for building good relationships (familial, personal and business), as a guide in business, as a creative tool ... the list is endless.

Treated with respect, the Tarot will give you clear, concise guidance, point out your options, as well as what the result of taking a certain option will bring into your life. By bring a question to the Tarot you gain some insight around what you need to know. You may find the “road ahead” smooth sailing or very bumpy but know that the Tarot can help you through it!

You can choose to read for yourselves, or to have someone else read for you. It is best for the reader and the querent (the person receiving the reading) to take a moment to calm and center themselves when shuffling the cards and beginning the reading. The environment is important as well. A quiet, private space with an air of peace, harmony and balance helps establish the sacred place to bring in the “energy” necessary for the Tarot to focus on the answers to the question(s) on your mind.

The cards are shuffled while you hold a question or area that you want to delve into in your mind. The cards are then laid out in a specific pattern, called a spread. Each position within the spread has a meaning, and each individual card has a meaning. The "story" that the Tarot gives the reader in answer to your question develops from these meanings, as well as from the way that the individual cards interact with each other. The Tarot reading will look at where the person is now, the forces that got them there, and at what will be in their path, should they choose to take no action.

The Tarot will also point out opportunities, twists in the path that are available and may be followed. How well the reading answers the question has a great deal to do with how the question is posed in the first place. It is up to the reader to listen to the question that the querent presents, and help them to fine tune it to give it direction and purpose so the Tarot can respond.

Tarot takes the experiences that are common to all humankind and presents them in an understandable form through the symbols in the cards. It relates them to our current lives, and helps us to use them to unblock energies that we are holding within us. The Tarot helps us to understand ourselves, to love ourselves and in time to heal ourselves. It helps us to bring balance and hopefully harmony into our lives. It makes the connection between our conscious and subconscious selves, between our spiritual and our material worlds and provides us with intuitive introspection.

We hope that you embark on this journey to your inner world to enhance your personal and spiritual development by focusing on aspects of life you deem important.